Grace's Vintage Garden is a curated shop of vintage and antique jewelry, bone china and porcelain, tea cups, fine linens and other everyday luxuries. 

The name of my shop comes from the grace I felt when I designed, planted and nurtured perennial borders and vegetable gardens. I love the peace and sense of timelessness that comes when wandering through the tapestry of a well designed garden. Beauty can plant a seed of grace in the human heart. In that same spirit I have collected vintage clothing, jewelry, china, linens and little what nots from the past. So please wander through my garden -- and feel free to pick the flowers!! 

I have collected vintage jewelry and clothing for a number of years now. I love old things (I was a professional archaeologist; perhaps this explains it). But I especially love beautiful older things. Vintage and antique jewelry are a reminder of other eras when women had very different roles in society than they do now.  Examining the stitch work on a tablecloth made by hand 100 or more years ago is a lesson in patience --  and another reminder -- of the limited lives women had only a few generations ago. 

I decided to open up a shop on Etsy to share part of the collection I already had and see what else I could find, mostly as a hobby. I quickly fell in love with the process. I began listing my antique demitasse collection; this turned into a passion for antique tea cups and hand painted bone china and porcelain. I have also indulged a love of old linens and lace. The fragility and exquisite beauty of these pieces also speaks to another time -- when taking tea was a regular affair, with beautiful rituals in the West as well as the East.

We have indeed come a very long, good way from the 19th century and most of the 20th, but t-shirts, yoga attire and plastic tableware all the time can be a bit dreary! There is a part of me that wishes I could wear some of the beautiful clothing of the past for everyday occasions. Perhaps for afternoon tea served out of fine antique English china, on crisp white hand made table linens.  

I always do research on the vintage and antique pieces I acquire -- these beautiful artifacts are fascinating to me. I am a collector and a student. I guess I will always be an archaeologist.  

I am the sole buyer, photographer, curator and care taker of the items in my shop. 

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